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We want to make your experience with us as productive and efficient as possible. Please take a moment to read through these helpful tips when considering a project with us. Fill out the project request form and print a copy for yourself. Use this as your guide through the production process to plan and ask the right questions. Thanks once again for allowing us to help with your project.

When beginning a project, especially a large multimedia project, it is essential to plan ahead. We’ll help you create a detailed outline and a storyboard. This helps bring together a complex process and ensure success. Here’s a list to help guide you through the process.

Answer these questions about your project before we begin:

Who is my audience?

This is the most important question when beginning a multimedia project. The story of your production, the content, needs to be tailored to strike a chord with the people you are trying to reach. The first step in tailoring your message is to understand who these people are and what’s important to them.

How do I want my video to be delivered?

Video can be delivered in many forms. Sometimes a video can be displayed on a website. There are times that a video will need to be copied to a DVD. There are many ways that a video production can be distributed. The MDC will work with you to decide on the best medium.

Who will make decisions about the project?

It’s very important to designate one person to be your department’s point of contact. This will help to avoid conflicting messages from the department concerning the content of the project. Selecting one person also facilitates a clear communication path from the MDC producer to the department.

How much time will it take to complete the project?

It takes time to produce a quality project. The MDC production staff can help you create a timeline that includes time for production as well as time to address unforeseen problems during the production of your project.

Do I need actors and a script?

Who will be interviewed? Who will be the interviewer? You’ll need to determine the people, places, and subjects that will be the subject of the project. Write a script that poses the questions as well as the answers ahead of time. Rehearse the script with all of those that will be on-camera. By taking these steps before the camera rolls the project will go much smoother than if you’re not quite prepared.

Anyone that will be on-camera need to complete one of these releases:

Release for Campus-wide Broadcast


Release for Off-Campus Broadcast


Next Steps

After you have answered, these questions, you should develop a storyboard. More information about storyboards.


When you are ready to begin the project, submit a project request.

Last updated: 4/6/2018

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