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I have a video idea. How do I go about getting my video made?

The first step is to fill out our project request form [hyperlinked]. You will receive an automatically generated email, to the address you listed on the form, confirming that your request was submitted. A member of the MDC staff will contact you to set up the initial meeting to discuss details of your video project.


How long will it take to make the video?

The duration of a project depends on the scope and scale of the video. At our initial meeting with you to discuss details of the video, a timeline will be determined that caters to your needs and the realistic demands of video production. On average, most videos take two to three weeks to produce.


Do I need a script? Can you help with writing one?

All videos containing dialogue (excluding interviews) will need to be scripted out and preferably contain a corresponding shot list (images that you would like to be shown in the video). For videos without dialogue, an outline of the video will need to be made, also containing a shot list. Scripts must be submitted to the MDC by the date determined in our initial meeting, and final scripts must be provided to the MDC a minimum of a day in advance of the filming date. We provide a Teleprompter to assist with all scripted videos, but must have the script in advance. The MDC is glad to offer our assistance in the script writing process.


How long should the video/script be?

We find most viewers lose attention if a video is longer than three minutes. The best length for most videos is two-and-a-half minutes. This translates to a script that is roughly half a page (double-spaced) long. To best gauge the length of your written script, read it aloud at a casual pace and time yourself.


Do you have a Teleprompter?

Yes, the MDC is able to provide a Teleprompter for all scripted videos as long as the final script is submitted a minimum of a day in advance to the scheduled shooting date.


What do I need to wear?

Business or business casual is appropriate for most all videos. Avoid “busy” patterns or clothing with close pinstriping, as these patterns tend to warp on camera. When recording in our studio, please refrain from wearing green as it causes problems with keying our green background.


Last updated: 4/6/2018

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