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The Multimedia Development Center (The MDC) at Georgia Southern University is an award winning media center that develops video and interactive media to support the mission of the university.

The MDC consists of a highly skilled production team that can assist faculty, staff, and university departments with writing and filming high impact professional videos that showcase education, research, and student success. In addition to creating videos, the MDC also has professional streaming services that allow major events such as graduation, academic lectures, and all sporting events to be streamed to a national audience.

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Our Mission

The primary goal of the Multimedia Development Center (MDC) is to serve the academic mission of Georgia Southern by promoting the University through the use of media and technology and creating student-centric learning opportunities that assist with bettering their professional experience.

The MDC creates videos and commercials that showcase academic success stories as well as unique research efforts of the university. The MDC also directs and produces live events such as symphony broadcasts, graduation, and athletic events providing all levels of support to produce successful live-streamed productions.

2019-20 by the Numbers (Jan. 1 2019 – April 1 2020)

  • 176 Live University Athletic Events
  • 73 Campus and Community Projects

According to MDC Production Schedule