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Off-Campus Use

The use of any Georgia Southern name, trademark, or logo on any product or in connection with a manufacturer, wholesaler, screen printer, in-store producer, or any other supplier must be managed under a license agreement issued by Learfield Licensing Partners, the university’s licensing agent. Items that are purchased or produced for resale or give-away must be purchased from a licensed supplier.

The use of any Georgia Southern name, logo, or trademark is prohibited in advertisements that promote non-university entities. Manufacturers licensed through Learfield and retailers of licensed Georgia Southern merchandise may use the marks in the promotion of their licensed Georgia Southern merchandise only. Advertising copy approval is required.

Written authorization and copy approval must be obtained from the Licensing and Trademarks Office prior to any activity which would associate the names, trademarks, or logos of Georgia Southern with those of any business or organization. This includes any association which indicates support for Georgia Southern or any of its programs. The use of the Georgia Southern names, trademarks, or logos is strictly prohibited when such use does or will imply endorsement by the University.

Last updated: 3/28/2018

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