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How do students log into MyScholarships?

The MyScholarships portal can be found in MyGeorgiaSouthern for existing students. Your log in information is the same as your MyGeorgiaSouthern log in.

How do students receive scholarship consideration?

Students can apply for all Georgia Southern University Foundation (institutional) scholarships by completing the MyScholarships application found on your MyServices within MyGeorgiaSouthern.  Criteria and qualifications have already been pre-set to each scholarship opportunity. MyScholarships will match students with scholarships based on their majors/minors/year in school and other applicable qualifications. Applications are only valid for the current school year.  Students will need to complete a new form each year for future consideration.

An error message is received when logging into MyScholarships through MyGeorgiaSouthern. Why did this occur?

When accessing MyScholarships through secure home, office, or school networks, a firewall may block or prevent access. It may be helpful to access MyScholarships through a network and/or computer in another location.

What is the deadline to submit a MyScholarships application?

Incoming Students:
New freshmen starting in the fall semester must complete the scholarship application through the MyScholarships link by February 1st of their senior year in high school to receive consideration for merit-based or leadership scholarships. Note that the priority deadline for merit-based scholarships is November 1st. It is advised that any incoming student interested in applying for a scholarship at Georgia Southern contact the Office of Admissions.

Transfer Students:
New transfer students starting at Georgia Southern in the fall semester must complete the scholarship application through the MyScholarships link by May 1st to receive consideration for merit-based scholarships.

All other students may log on at any time to see which scholarships are available.

Which questions should students complete?

In addition to completing the required fields, students are encouraged to complete the application to the fullest extent to maximize scholarship consideration.

What are Recommended Opportunities?

“Recommended Opportunities” require additional information specific to individual scholarships. Students are encouraged to review the suggested list of Recommended Opportunities and provide any information requested to receive further consideration for those scholarships.

How do students receive confirmation of their application submission?

green completion check markComplete, submitted applications are indicated by a green check mark.


Incomplete applications are indicated with a red circle and a number of how many actions are needed.



Last updated: 8/10/2017

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