Our Team

The staff of the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing is here to assist you.
Name Title Phone Email
Jan Bond Southern Associate Vice President, Strategic Communications and Marketing 912-478-5306 Email
Connie Palfy Director, Licensing and Trademark 912-478-1661 Email
Gregg Sekscienski
Director, Brand and Marketing 912-478-2438 Email
Jennifer Wise Director, Communications 912-478-2301 Email
Katherine Arntzen Photographer 912-344-3233 Email
Crissie Elrick Bath Communications Manager 912-478-5434 Email
Sandra Bennett Writer/Content Editor 912-478-6977 Email
Mallory Biggers Graphic Designer 912-478-0172 Email
Megan Bouchillon Marketing Specialist 912-478-2437 Email
Lisa Bridges Administrative Coordinator 912-478-7817 Email
Doy Cave Editorial Content Manager 912-478-8506 Email
Jonathan Chick Photographer 912-478-0335 Email
Shvon Clifton Administrative Assistant 912-478-1828 Email
Bruce Habersham Video Manager 912-344-3133 Email
Megan Hopkins Creative Services Manager 912-478-5710 Email
André Johnson Part-time Photographer
Christie Koppel Marketing Manager 912-478-1541 Email
Christy McNutt Graphic Designer 912-478-2773 Email
Melanie Simón Communications Manager 912-344-2904 Email
Shandice Stallworth Marketing Specialist 912-478-8680 Email
Janice Stanford Web Content Manager 912-344-2691 Email
Brittni Favorite Web Content Specialist 912-344-2914 Email
Debbie Tyson Administrative Coordinator 912-478-0133 Email
Liz Walker Writer/Content Editor 912-478-2772 Email
Charish Williams Administrative Assistant 912-478-6397 Email


Last updated: 4/4/2018

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